Blue Ridge Region
Final Raw Time Results
Kiwanis Pancake Autocross and Auction Day
September 19, 2020
Total Registered: 27, with Times: 27
Raw Pos.Pos.Class#DriverCarRaw TimeDiff.From 1st
1 1CS23David Prather2018 Mazda MX-5 Club28.4560.0000.000
2 1ES48Michael Loos2001 Toyota mr229.2060.7500.750
3 1HS15Duston Grubbs2011 Honda Civic Si29.3190.1130.863
4 1ESP24David Clemens1966 Chevrolet Corvair29.3770.0580.921
5 1STS14Rob Leslie1988 Honda CRX29.4550.0780.999
6 1CAMC317Shawn McNulty2000 Ford Mustang29.5400.0851.084
7 1DS41David Kaplan2017 Ford Focus RS29.5440.0041.088
8 1XSB85Patrick Caron2004 Mazda Miata mazdaspeed29.5450.0011.089
9 2ES134Tony Steier1999 Mazda Miata29.5790.0341.123
10 1CAMS187Nic Spruill1997 Dodge Viper GTS29.6240.0451.168
11 1CP69Jim Mason1974 Ford Mustang29.7760.1521.320
12 1XSA504Jeremiah Skinner1998 BMW M329.9500.1741.494
13 1BS43Kevin Mongold2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS 1LE30.4320.4821.976
14 1CAMT812Mark Henry2003 Ford Mustang30.4760.0442.020
15 1SSM78Matt Miller1985 Pontiac Fiero30.7390.2632.283
16 2CAMT11Charlie Gentry1996 Pontiac Firebird31.1700.4312.714
17 1SMF28James Newman1992 Honda Civic CX31.5460.3763.090
18 2CAMC77Darrell Hale2008 Ford Mustang31.5650.0193.109
19 1SMF93Doug Lawrence2013 Fiat 500 Abarth31.9370.3723.481
20 2SMF421Brian Kay2017 Ford Focus ST32.0300.0933.574
21 1M57Samuel Via2000 Ford mustang32.8930.8634.437
22 2HS19Don Hill2012 Honda CivicSi32.9480.0554.492
23 DS136Some Body Volkswagen GTI33.6310.6835.175
24 2M36Jeffrey R Wendell Volkswagen Gti33.8330.2025.377
25 1N55Ron Jones1993 Toyota MR234.5120.6796.056
26 2N27Regina Hanlon Mazda RX-834.7690.2576.313
27 1STR71Jack Robertson2005 Mazda Miata34.8820.1136.426