BRR SCCA Solo Supplemental Regulations

The following supplemental regulations apply to all Blue Ridge Region Sports Car Club of America sanctioned Solo events.

  1. Online registration is required at
  2. Entrants may register to drive no more than one (1) car at each event.
  3. Entry Fees and the event schedule are listed on the event listing on
  4. A valid driver’s license or learner’s permit is required to compete.
  5. All Entrants participating, and individuals that are working, crewing, or visiting within the Event site must sign the Event waiver.
  6. Entrants under 18 years of age must have a Minor Waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
  7. Use of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs during the event will result in immediate expulsion from the event site and disqualification.
  8. Entrants must wear shirts and closed-toed shoes when competing or working on the course.
  9. Smoking may or may not be allowed in designated areas depending on the event site. Smoking is never allowed while driving, in the timing trailer, in the active grid, or when working on course.
  10. Entrants will be required to work.  Failure to do so will result in working twice before they will be allowed to run in another Blue Ridge Region autocross event.
  11. Events will be run under the current year SCCA SOLO Rules.
  12. Mufflers, seatbelts, and SCCA approved helmets (loaners available) are required.
  13. All automobiles must pass the Blue Ridge Region SCCA Safety Inspection. 
  14. Any SCCA member may request an annual BRR-SCCA tech inspection.
  15. An annual inspection sticker will be affixed to the windshield or window.
  16. The car will need to re-inspected if the car has modifications performed or changes class.
  17. The inspected car will be subject to random re-inspection by the Tech Inspection Team.

Sound Policy:

  1. Maximum limit of 96dba, ‘A’ weighted, ‘Slow’ response, at the measuring point approved by the event chair.
  2. The measuring point will be at 50 ft from the edge of the course at a point where the car can be expected to be at full throttle, under load, and at high RPM.
  3. The driver will be given a warning for the first incidence of sound of 96dba or over.
  4. The driver will need to take preventative measures to reduce the noise level to continue.
  5. Subsequent runs over 96dba will result in disqualification.

Fun Runs:

  1. Fun Runs may be available at the end of the Event at the Event Chairman’s discretion.
  2. Only Paid, Registered Entrants may drive during the Fun Runs.
  3. Only event-registered automobiles that have competed during the Official Timed Runs and have passed the BRR SCCA technical inspection may be driven during Fun Runs.
  4. Only Entrants who have signed the Event waiver, or minors who have had a Minor Waiver signed by their parent or guardian may receive rides during a Fun Run.

Solo Year End Points and Trophies

Class Definitions

  • LADIES Class will be scored on the PAX of the respective base class entered. Participation in the LADIES Class is at the discretion of the entrant.
    • NOVICE Class can be entered by participants that have entered less than 10 autocrosses or who have not completed a full season of Solo events. The NOVICE Class is scored on the PAX index of each novice entrant. Participation in the NOVICE Class is at the discretion of the entrant.
    • MASTERS Class is for drivers age 60 (sixty) and over, and will be scored on the PAX index of the respective base class entered. Participation in MASTERS Class is at the discretion of the entrant.
    • OPEN Class is for drivers who want to compete with others in their base class. Each Class is scored on time.
    • Base classes are defined by the current year SCCA Solo Rules
    • PAX index is defined by the current year PAX/RTP Index
  1. All BRR-SCCA sponsored, co-sponsored, other out of regional sponsored, co-sponsored, and/or events approved by the BRR-SCCA board, run under the current year SCCA Solo rules may be points-paying events. Approved events should be announced before the start of the Solo season.
  2. You must be an active SCCA national (not Weekend) member to be eligible for class season championship points. Active SCCA national members entering an event will receive at least 1 (one) point. Points will be awarded as follows:
Class Finishing PositionPoints earned
8 and higher1
  1. 10 Points will be awarded to members who donate their time in any capacity at an event and do not drive. These points will be applied to a member’s points for the class that he/she ran in the previous event, or the next event. No more than 2 events or 20 points can be awarded to a member during one year for their donations.
  2. There will be no additional points for Fastest Time of Day (F.T.D.) or Fastest Time PAX (F.T.P.)
  3. Bumping: There will be no bumping of classes.

Year-End Class Trophies:

  • A minimum of 1 (one) car in a class, registered in an event will constitute a class.
  • To award a trophy to a class winner that person must have participated in at least 50% of BRR-SCCA approved Solo events for that year.
  • Tie Breaker:
Tie BreakerCriteria
1stNumber of 1st place finishes
2ndNumber of 2nd place finishes
3rdNumber of 3rd place finishes
4thNumber of 4th place finishes
5thNumber of 5th place finishes
6thNumber of events entered
  • Dropping events: 
    • The maximum number of scoring events will equal 75% of the total number of events actually held for the season.
  • The maximum number of scoring events will be rounded up in the case of a fraction. 10 events x 75% = 7.5 rounded to 8 scored events. For 2022, 11 events x 75% = 8.25, so counting 9 events.
  • All drivers will accumulate points toward a PAX Championship based on the PAX finishing order of each event.
    • Finishing order will be determined by the overall PAX ranking at the end of the event
    • Points awarded, number of events scored, and tie breakers are the same as for class awards.
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